Frequently Asked Questions

How old is this church and when did it start? 

Wauconda’s original Baptist and Methodist churches began in the mid 1800’s.  For practical reasons, these two churches joined forces to create the Federated Church in the 1920’s.  See more details in our History section.

Why are there two denominations in this church?

When the Federated Church was formed it was decided that both denominations would be served equally.  The position of Pastor alternates between Methodist and Baptist.

What are the basic differences between the United Methodist Church and the American Baptist Church?

The most noticeable differences are:

  1. Methodists believe in infant baptism, Baptists believe that a person should be old enough to make that decision.
  2. Baptist ministers are independent and it is up to each church to search for their next Pastor; Methodist ministers are assigned to a church and are moved at the discretion of the Methodist association approximately every five years.

What are the basic beliefs of this church?

We believe that God is the creator of all life and loves all of humankind. He sent his son, Jesus Christ, into the world not to condemn us, but to offer salvation to all who will believe. We follow the teachings of Christ as found in God’s Holy Word, the Bible. We gather together to worship, to learn, and to support one another and our community.

If I become a member do I have to choose a denomination?  

No.  Our church supports both denominations equally.

Can I attend church and not become a member?

Yes, though you will not have a vote in any official decisions that need to be made by the church body.

Is there a cost for Sunday school, confirmation classes, etc?  

No, there is no charge to participate in Sunday School, Confirmation, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, or any other church activities.

Are there try outs or auditions to join the choir?

There are no try outs or auditions to join the church choir. If you love to sing you can be a part of the choir. Anyone who has that passion can be part of our choir.  “Every single voice is important when you are part of a choir”  Director Geri Meyer

I feel awkward about donating is there a normal rate or fee what does it cost to come to church?

There is no charge for attending church.  The Bible encourages us to “tithe” which means donate 10% of our income to charity.  The amount you choose to give depends entirely upon your personal financial situation and your generosity.

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