What is Federated Church

Mission Statement of the Federated Church of Wauconda: We are the disciples of Jesus Christ coming together to love God and serve others to transform the community and the world.


  1. Passionate Worship, 2. Inspirational Spiritual Growth
  2. Inviting New People, 4. Involved in our Community

Quite simply, the Federated Church of Wauconda is a community church with roots in both the American Baptist and the United Methodist Churches.

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We employ a blended worship style using traditional liturgy and we utilize both regular hymns and contemporary songs.  Our services usually last from one hour to 75 minutes in length and there is always an opportunity for each person to lift up joys and concerns if they would like to do so.  Our adult choir sings every Sunday from September through May.  We are in the process of coordinating several children’s music groups.

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.

The message given by the pastor is Biblically based and is intended to be applicable to everyday life.

We often have special Sundays with such events as baptisms, special music, celebrations of specific groups in the church, and “mission moments” that highlight our Outreach programs.  Occasionally, we have a skit that deals with the theme for that Sunday – often written and performed by our own members!

Worship at the Federated Church is friendly and relaxed – a place where people in three-piece suits or in T-shirt and jeans can feel equally welcome.

We hope you will join us!

If you have questions, please go to CONTACT and send us a message.  We would love to hear from you.