Federated Church Doors Open to Community Children

Federated Church of Wauconda Offering Childcare and Activities this Summer

When Pastor Crystal Calhoun joined the Federated Church of Wauconda as Pastor Of Family Ministries, the adults weren’t the only ones with ideas for the church.  Several children approached Crystal and asked for more activities.  Then, Pastor Crystal discovered that many of these same children had no plans for the summer.  Thus, Fun in the Shade, a weekly summer activity program for the church and community children, was born.

Fun in the Shade is offered twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon until 3 PM through August 9th.  The program is open to children ages 6-12 and offers opportunities for kids to simply have fun.  This is a free service to the community, funded by a special collection from the church congregation, and childcare is provided.

As explained by Pastor Crystal, “If you have a child and you might need to…what…go to the mall, for yourself.  You might need to take a break.  You might need to clean the house.  You might need to go grocery shopping.  But this is our way of saying to each family member ‘your child is important to us, and we want your child inside this church for the next month’.”

Fun in the Shade is one of several activities for children at Federated Church of Wauconda.  Other children’s activities in the year include Vacation Bible School, children’s service, and the Christmas Pageant.