Good Friday

Good Friday Service  at 7 pm

The Good Friday Service provides an opportunity to reflect on the suffering of Jesus and the price he paid for us. You can’t have the resurrection without the crucifixion.

This year our church will provide a Service of the Shadows and Stones. This Good Friday worship is designed to help us remember the sacrifice of Jesus for all people. This service will be filled with music, powerful words of Jesus, extinguished lights, and end with covering the cross. At the beginning of the service, each person will receive a stone to be encouraged to use this stone by holding it in their hand throughout our worship. Stones are used as worry stones. There will be special music from our music director, Ron Arden. Please join us to be with the Lord just for an hour on this day as he suffers and dies on the Cross for all of us.

The most important Good Friday symbol is the crucifix, or cross, which represents the way in which Jesus died. In preparation, you may want to have a rock, a candle, and a Bible.

Join us for a Good Friday service. It will be a meaningful service for all of us. Don’t miss it!