From the Pastor’s Pen – March 2019

We are now in the rich and prayerful Season of Lent. It starts with Ash Wednesday, this year on March 6. It concludes with the Holy Week, celebrating Good Friday on April 19 and Easter on April 21. This holy period gives us the opportunity to walk with Christ in His passion and death, and then joyously in His resurrection from the dead and His ascension to the right hand of the Loving God.

Lenten Season is a special time of prayer and fasting and serious reflection on the life and the suffering of Jesus Christ through Scripture readings. Also, it is a time for us to offer our good works to our neighbors/strangers in whatever ways they need us.

Please, take the time to make this Lent a special time for you, your family or friends. Just think of what a joy it would be to others if instead of spending your time watching TV/computer/phone, you spent time doing something with them, like reading the Lenten readings together or talking to your parents, or spending time with friends who are lonely or visiting a nursing home or maybe giving up fast food a few times a week and putting the money toward an offering to help others or church.

Consider the cross of Christ as an anchor in Lenten season. The symbol of the cross reminds us of the great passion and sacrificial love that Jesus Christ expressed for us during the Crucifixion. One of things you can do at home during Lenten season is that clear out your kitchen table and put a small or large cross and your Bible on the table. This will help you to focus on Jesus during 40 days of Lent.

Starting March 10, I will preach a Lenten sermon series is about “A Journey of Stones. Each Sunday there will be an invitation to place a stone at the foot of the cross in our gathering place as you leave church. Symbolically, we will lay at the feet of our Savior all of those things that separate us from him.

This is a journey for all God’s people that we stand together at the foot of the cross, lay down our stones and lay down all that holds us back from true commitment to Christ. We will journey together to and through the Holy Week and together proclaim the resurrection. The Holy Spir it will meet us there and we will be changed!

Please see the list of services and events during Lent, the Holy Week and Easter. Why not take advantage of some or all of the special services and moments as a means of deepening your faith and your attachment to Christ? Come join us in prayer and devotion as we look forward to Easter!

May Gob be with us this Lenten season! See you on Lenten Sundays!

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Pastor Soon Sun