From The Pastor’s Pen – August 2018

The Beacon – August 2018 – From The Pastor’s Pen

Life is mysterious. A week ago, I was in Durand as their beloved pastor, serving, loving, and caring for the Durand people and their community. Now I have been appointed to the Federated Church in Wauconda, ready to work, serve and build a relationship with you, all because of Jesus Christ’s call to preach His good news and care for His people.

Life is a journey. We move from one place to another for many good reasons. Especially for pastors, it is about sharing the Gospel, even if it’s a little stressful and challenging.

Certainly, in our journey, God has plans for every step of our life and our ministry even though we don’t know yet what our future holds. We just trust our God who holds our future and makes it possible for us.

So, I believe that our gatherings are very important. We are here to meet not by chance but by God’s amazing plan. We can make our gatherings a great opportunity for us to know each other in Christ. Through knowing who we are in spirit, we are able to find His call in our lives and serve Him with our hearts and love one another in a better way!

As I come as your pastor, I, a Korean-American, always think myself as a missionary to the church where God leads me to serve, love, and preach the Gospels in many different ways. We individuals within our church share much diversity yet are joined as one in the love of Christ.

So, moving to Wauconda is a great opportunity for me to love and serve you. I am very excited about meeting with you. I am eager to work with you, to get acquainted, and to dream our vision together.

I pray that you give me the time and patience I need to know you and serve you with my unique gifts! I hope to know all of you and your families through home visits in the coming months!

It is my prayer that we get to know each other, and you will prayerfully consider how you can become more involved in our ministry and missions.
I am so looking forward to meeting you all! See you on Sunday!

Pastor Soon Sun

P.S. I wanted to say thank you to the Staff-Parish Relations Committee and Melissa Pearson who had time to meet me while I was visiting the church. I felt very welcomed and can feel the hospitable spirit surrounding this church. Thank you so much!