From The Pastor’s Pen – September 2018

The Beacon – September 2018 – From The Pastor’s Pen

For the short period of time that I’ve been with you at the Federated Church, I have felt an overwhelming feeling of love and care from you. I would like to say what a joy and honor it is to be the pastor of the Federated Church of Wauconda. The Lord has been so good to me and has blessed me in many ways.

As your pastor I want to say ‘thank you” for allowing me to be your Pastor. All of you are a real blessing to me and my family, for your hospitality and kindness and generosity, and most of all for making me a part of our church family. Your love and support have touched my heart deeply.

Not long ago, I found that our church will be celebrating its 180th year anniversary in November of this year. Since then I have been pondering and asking God to guide and help me to discern His will for us. I have been carefully listening to the voices of God through prayers and meditations as well as your voices through the meetings.

I have been hearing that the Lord wants us all to keep our focus on Him. I believe that’s what truly matters for us now. I want to encourage you all as members of the Federated Church to always keep “Jesus First” in all the work we do for Him, always thank Him for what we have and pray continually for the leadership of the Lord in the ministry of our church.

Let us build our relationship with God in Jesus as we gather for worship on Sunday mornings, Sunday School classes, and the small group Adult Bible studies. Let us invest our time to build our relationships with one another as a way to grow in love and faith.

I’m excited about all the things happening in our church, all the possibilities that God has for us, and all the opportunities for us to know who we are as dedicated and faithful Christian brothers and sisters in Christ.

My prayer for you is that we, as a community, begin to pray for how we can grow in faith and that we open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities that God can provide for us in transforming our church.

See you all on Sundays!

Your sister In Christ,
Pastor Soon Sun