Life Occasions

Life occasions are all celebrated in our church.

Baptism is available for any person of any age who has not been baptized before.  The participant may choose between sprinkling, pouring, or immersion. There is a 1/2 hour conversation with the pastor before the sacrament is performed.

Confirmation classes are usually held every other year for junior high school students who wish to explore, expand and confess their faith as they prepare to become responsible members of the church.  Our next confirmation class will start in September 2022. If you wish to take the class, please contact the church office at 847-526-8471.

New Members are typically accepted in a ceremony which occurs about three times per year.  Prospective members are expected to attend one meeting to meet other prospective members, learn about the church and the expectations of membership, and to ask questions.  We have classes quarterly. Please contact the office at 847-526-8471 if you want to know about the new membership class.

Weddings: Our church believes that the rites of weddings should be available to all.  Membership in the Federated Church of Wauconda is not a requirement, however, several premarital classes with the pastor are required.

Funerals:  Our church believes that the rites of funerals should also be available to all.  Membership in the Federated Church of Wauconda is not a requirement.  The pastor likes to sit down with the family to discuss the best way to celebrate a loved one’s life.